Development: UNCW Global Citizen Award Entry - 2020
I created this film for the purpose of conveying my journey and development towards becoming a global citizen. I chose to use ethnographic methods and the journey of climbing Mount Fuji as a visualization of the journey of becoming a global citizen. UNCW has created opportunities for me to grow in this pursuit of development. No one starts off understanding how to effectively promote a diverse and inclusive culture with a global mindset. It is something that must be developed over time through education, exposure, and interaction. The foundation of this film is the recordings from my time living in Japan as an exchange student at Aichi Shukutoku University, my experience as a conversation partner and teaching practicum tutoring/student teaching with ESL students and Exchange students, and my job as a Trip Lead Facilitator at Seahawk Adventures in Campus Rec. Each offered opportunities to take part in the development of an inclusive culture and development of myself as a global citizen. My double major in Communication Studies and International Studies with a minor in Japanese gave me the education I needed to participate in these programs and provided the opportunities to develop further as a global citizen, take part in fostering a globalized mindset, and participate in the development of a diverse and inclusive culture here at UNCW.
Climbing Mount Fuji With My Dad, 2019 - 父と富士山に登り
My dad and I climbed Mount Fuji in August 2019. At this time, I had been living in Japan for 6 months attending university. Enjoy. 私は父と2019年8月に富士山に登りました。 このとき、私は留学生に日本に6ヶ月間住んでいました。 ビデオを楽しんでください。
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