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The Global Political Youth Movement:
Born out of necessity, the voice of the youth is actively taking control of and directing the narrative-future of their countries. Stereotypically ignored compared to the West, it is important to highlight the crucial and leading examples in Asian countries. In this article Matthew F. Fleming discusses the current global political youth movements and their desire to change the world.
November, 2020
Human Rights Protection: Contact Tracing In South Korea
Throughout history, there are moments in time that require extreme and unprecedented actions to combat them. While the necessity of these reactions is built on the substantial merit of validation, hastily and unchecked establishments have created unintended precedents for future laws. In this article, Matthew F. Fleming discusses the use of contact tracing in South Korea in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and discusses the need for human rights protections alongside any form of emergency governmental action.
January, 2021
Japan’s Reevaluation of Individual Purpose
“What is it that makes life worth living? ... Originating in Okinawa, Japan, the word Ikigai refers to a person's reason and purpose in life. However, recently the rules of where this ikigai or happiness lies are changing.” In this article, Matthew F. Fleming highlights the decaying romanticization of self-sacrifice and the recent shifts towards finding happiness and purpose in personal development amongst the Japanese People.
March, 2021
Baekdu-Daegan As The Spine of Korea
In this article, Matthew F. Fleming highlights the historical cultural, spiritual, and geographical importance of the Baekdu-Daegan mountain range on the Korean peninsula. Covering concepts of Gi, Pungsu Jiri, Deities, Geography, and War, Fleming draws attention to the range’s multi-faceted construction of significance in addition to this recent use as a political symbol for unification.
April, 2021
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