Academic Writing

Interdisciplinary Research: Japan's Foreign Visitors
An Interdisciplinary Research Perspective to the Effects of a Continuous Increase of Foreign Visitors in Japan.
December, 2018
Social Penetration Theory Applied: A New Roommate
A practical application of social penetration theory applied to living with a new roommate
November, 2018
Analysis of 3rd-Order Spaces & Communication-izing
For the purpose of refining organizational analysis skills. Observations, terminology, principles, and concepts, were used to analyze the space and prove that it follows the themes of a "3rd-Order Space". In addition, further, analyze shows the communication-izing of words used during the conversations of participants in the space.
October, 2018
International Interest on Japan’s Economy Post 1990
An interdisciplinary report on the effect of international interest on Japan’s economy post-1990.
June, 2018
Quantitative RES: Communication & Relational Trajectory
Addressing the holes in past academic research. This purposed study address the missing demographics pertaining to quantitative research of communication surrounding initial sexual encounters and how they affect relational trajectory thereafter.
November, 2017
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